Application Info

Admission to the Masters-PhD Bridge program begins with an application to the Masters degree program in biology, chemistry, or physics at Fisk University. If you believe that you may be qualified to begin PhD-level work immediately, we encourage you to apply directly to the Vanderbilt PhD program. In that case, just indicate in your Vanderbilt application that you are also interested in the Masters-to-PhD Bridge program; in the event that you are not selected for admission directly into the PhD program, your application can be forwarded to the Bridge program for consideration.

Please Contact Us

We urge all prospective applicants to contact one of the program coordinators before applying. We will gladly speak with you about the program, answer any questions you may have, help you determine whether the program is right for you, and guide you through the application process.

Advice for Application Content

In your application, please be sure to describe your past research experience(s), if any, as well as your future research interests to the extent that you know them. In our experience, students perform best when there is a good fit with the scientific research areas that the students are most passionate about. We want to know a bit about the research you’ve been involved in so far (if any) as well as the area(s) of research that interest you the most as part of your master’s and/or PhD training. Our program has faculty working in almost all subfields, and there is lots of flexibility for students to try out research areas and explore topics. But knowing what you are excited about helps us understand you better and helps us to plan the best training experience.


The program has two application deadlines:

  • Early: Applications completed by December 1 will receive full consideration for an early decision. This may be helpful for students applying to multiple programs and who would benefit from knowing as early as possible. Students not selected for early decision will be automatically considered for the final review below.
  • Final: Applications completed by April 15 will receive full consideration for the final application review. Please contact us if you would like to submit an application after April 15.

Application Forms

Contact for application forms.