Rose S. Perea


Todd Peterson


My interests lie in detector instrumentation, and although my primary application interest has been in astronomy instrumentation, I have also begun to widen my interests and applicability of my skills into biomedical imaging.

I am currently working between astronomy and bio-imaging. I have been working primarily with gamma-ray detectors and would like to apply this knowledge and experience to developing/working with detectors for astronomy instrumentation. My co-advisors are Dr. Peterson (Nuclear Imaging/Radiology) and Dr. Stassun (astronomy department). The experience I will obtain in characterizing detectors used in bio-imaging will be useful for my career in instrumentation, while at the same time helping me become more diverse with the applicability of my skills to the broader field of medical imaging.

I have previously worked with strontium iodide doped with europium, studying non-proportionality as a function of temperature and energy. Currently, I am learning to work with a high purity germanium double-sided strip detector, used in our group for SPECT Imaging. This work with Dr. Peterson will allow me to learn about projections, position estimation calculations, image reconstruction, and behavior of strip detectors. Lastly, I will be able to quantify how this all effects the performance of the detector and quality of the image.


Ultimately what I hope to gain over the course of my doctorate career is to pair the astronomy application with the science (detector) instrument, understanding how the instrument works (via knowledge of detector physics), and how to analyze the data from the instrument (separating intrinsic instrument signals from the astronomical signal). Afterwards I hope to work in a lab environment (national labs, NASA, or the space science institute), essentially anywhere I can continue working on instrumentation.