Charee Peters


Keivan Stassun


Currently, I am working on cataloging radio observations of supernovae, tidal disruption events, active galactic nuclei, and other variable and transient events from the CHILES radio survey. I am looking to see how each kind of event changes in brightness and for how long (on timescales between ten seconds and ten years). This will help to better understand each event and lead to new ways of classifying and distinguishing these different kinds of phenomena. I plan on extending this work to other wavelengths, including x-ray and optical. During my time in the Bridge program, I used infrared emission of the dead bodies of stars (supernova remnants) to determine what kind of supernova explosion occurred.


Over the past few years, I've found myself enjoying teaching and sharing my enthusiasm for physics and astronomy with the world. I want to continue this, preferably with the Native American and other underrepresented communities. I hope to someday use my skills to help better prepare students attending Tribal Colleges and Universities to enter into STEM fields.

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