Information for Current Students

Here you will find links to information for students currently enrolled in the Bridge program. This includes access to course catalogs, course schedules, financial aid information, and other useful information. Check this page regularly for updates.

Overview of the Bridge Program

Here are the basic requirements of the Masters-to-PhD Bridge program. See below for detailed guidelines and requirements.

  • Complete all requirements for the M.A. degree
    • Be sure to take at least one core course at Vanderbilt and pass with at least a B.
    • Be mindful of the various deadlines and forms to be completed (see below).
    • Meet at least once per semester with the Bridge Program Executive Director.
  • Take the GRE (included the subject exam, depending on which PhD program you intend to join).
  • Apply to the relevant Vanderbilt PhD program, or other PhD program, by or before the deadline.

Additional Information